Covid Safety Protocols

To maintain the health and safety of our runners, volunteers, and staff, we have created this safety protocol based on CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19. By entering in our race, you agree to follow these rules.

  Athletes are encouraged, but not required, to wear face masks at all times except when running in the race. Your choice.
  Portalets will be spread out for social distancing in the lane adjacent to the start line.
  Athletes must line up by 6:55 am in the corrals in an assembly area in the lane adjacent to the start line.
  Athletes will be lined up by anticipated pace in rows with 7 feet between each athlete.
  All athletes will start in the lane immediately behind the start line and directed into position from the corrals.
• Please note: There are 3 different start times – 1 for each race:
7:05 – 15K
7:15 – 10K
7:25 – 5K
• Athletes in each race will have one common start, but athletes must walk to the actual start line, maintaining the 7 feet social distance until reaching the start line.
• All timing and scoring will be based on chip timing.

• Our goal is to start athletes so you will initially become single file with options to pass.
• Athletes must run single-file and stay to the right at all times, except when passing.
• Passing is encouraged, but only when you can make it “stick.”
• Volunteers will place 8 oz bottles of water on a table for the athletes to self-serve.
• Athletes must use garbage boxes near aid stations for disposal of water bottles so that we don’t litter the park.

  Athletes will self-serve 16 oz. bottled water immediately after the finish line.
  Volunteers will be on-hand to re-supply water bottles, finisher medals and Ts.

• Athletes can pick up their finisher medals, shirts, food and beverage in an area near the finish line.
• Athletes will self-serve their finisher medal from an assortment of Ft. De Soto vintage medals.
• Food and beverage will be available in single-size packaging and will be 100% self-serve.
• Athletes can relax and recover under pavilions, at picnic tables, or on the grass near the finish line.
• Athletes SHOULD practice social distancing and personal hygiene at all times.
• We will not stage an awards presentation on-site.
• We will mail overall and age group awards to champions only.

  There will be hand sanitizer near the portalets, food, and beverage.
  All staff and volunteers will wear masks at all times.

• All finisher medals offered will be a vintage medal from a previous Ft. De Soto Classic.

Medals are usually ordered at least 3-4 months prior to race day for overseas production and international shipping. On-going supply chain issues increased the necessary lead time for us to receive awards in a timely manner. Instead of canceling this race as COVID-19 cases were rising in Florida, we opted to produce the race, if at all possible. Our solution was to offer vintage medals that we have in inventory so all our athletes could head home with something to show for their effort. We believed that athletes would understand the situation, but prefer to finally race again and earn a vintage medal of their choice compared to not racing at all. We hope you agree.

T-shirts will be available to athletes at the finish line AFTER the race. Please show bib at pickup.

Thank you for joining us and adhering to these safety protocols. Our goal is to keep ALL
participants safe while coming together to race.

“The race was very well executed! I felt safe. The water stops had closed water, hand sanitizer was out and you were not allowed to get your medals and stuff unless you had your mask. I would 💯 do it again.”

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“The team DeMaio family have been running Chris and Rya’s races for ten years. Not only are these races fun, well organized, safe with the best post race parties, but we have come to love Chris and Rya as friends. They treat their athletes as family, always going that extra mile. These are our favorite races and look forward to running them for many years to come.”
– Kim & Bob DeMaio, Seminole, FL

Our 2022-23 Season

Ft. De Soto Distance Classic
15K, 10K, 5K & Virtual

Sunday, September 25, 2022
Ft. De Soto Park

Florida Halloween Distance Classic
Halfathon, 10K, 5K & Virtual

Sunday, October 30, 2022
Ft. De Soto Park

Florida Holiday Distance Classic
Halfathon, 10K & Virtual

Sunday, December 11, 2022
Madeira Beach to Largo

St. Petersburg Distance Classic
Marathon, Halfathon, 10K, 5K & Virtual
Sunday, February 12, 2023
Downtown St. Pete

Florida Shamrock Distance Classic
Halfathon, 10K, 5K & Virtual

Saturday, March 4, 2023
Ft. De Soto Park